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Developed by Crazyblox Games:

Flood Escape 2

Flood Escape 2 is a popular 3D Platformer on the Roblox Platform developed by Crazyblox Games. As the sequel to Flood Escape, this game takes in familiar mechanics and blends them with a new method of gameplay, swimming. With over 20 maps each of unique design and themeing, Flood Escape 2 is a platformers' paradise.

Flood Escape

September 2011

With constant regular updates and having amassed over 100 Million play sessions, Flood Escape is one of the titles that comes to mind when you think of something to play on the popular site ROBLOX.


March 2013

Taking inspiration from mega hit indie game Minecraft, Skyblox allows you to freely build your own world in a similar cubelike fashion alongside your friends.

Cube FPS

March 2014

Cube FPS is an effort to bring the likeness of the Cube Engine game into the world of ROBLOX. While development was shortlived, it makes for a fun quick session against others.

Flood Escape 2

September 10, 2017

Flood Escape 2 is a culmination of new ideas and creativity that was difficult to achieve during development of the first title. Featuring a new underwater swimming mechanic and open maps, Flood Escape 2 aims to take the crown for one of the best platformers on ROBLOX.

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